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The Shih Tzu Reporter offers help with all aspects of Shih Tzu care.
Every Shih Tzu lover will appreciate “The Shih Tzu Reporter”, published quarterly, and chock full of helpful information, advice, tips, useful listings - all about just Shih Tzu. You can find everything - from locating ethical Shih Tzu breeders, making a Shih Tzu puppy purchase, health concerns, Shih Tzu Specialty shows, to finding a local Shih Tzu Club. And most of all, help in making a decision regarding showing, or breeding your Shih Tzu.

Back Issues of The Shih Tzu Reporter offer more helpful information
Our back issues page, with contents, will give you exactly the Shih Tzu information and advice you are seeking, just when you need it; plus pictures of the winning and producing Shih Tzu, current and past, to fill out your knowledge of Shih Tzu history.

Help with new Shih Tzu puppies
The New Shih Tzu Owners’ Puppy Manual will answers your questions about the care, vaccination schedule, housebreaking, feeding, grooming and training your new Shih Tzu puppy. It comes with a free back issue of The Shih Tzu Reporter.

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summer 2013

Front Cover, Summer 2013
Ch Karyon Happy Dancer

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 In Every Issue:
List of back issues available, directory of breeders and services, top winners USA and Canada, upcoming interview schedule
 In This Issue:

Health: Loss of an Unborn Litter, False Pregancy;
Junior Showmanship: A New Emphasis On Junior Showmanship is Required;
Breeder-Forum with Jane Couch, LaShalimar Shih Tzu;
Avoiding Unnecessary Vaccinations;
How to Guarantee Success in Your Breeding Program

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